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Hand Made & Bespoke makes the Gentleman

It is no secret that a well fitted suit will make any man look & feel his best. We have the skills to tailor your clothing to perfection.

Alteration Service

We can take any shirt, jacket, trousers or waistcoat & tailor it to you. It doesn't matter where you got it or who made it, we can make it fit you perfectly. We can make you look your very best.

We have seamstresses that specialise in gents clothing and are extremely skilled in this profession.

Please pay us a visit if you have a perfectly good suit that needs mended or altered.

We are ready to help.

Bespoke Service

We make bespoke items such as shirts suits & ties. Our speciality is bespoke shirts & jackets

You can choose from any material and specify any design. Choose your cuff style, fused collar or plain, taken in or let out, your buttons & thread.

Infact we can also offer buttons with your name or design on using 3D printing technology.

Call us for a consultation and we can give you a price.